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 Kumaon Travel Guide: Plan Your Dream Uttarakhand Vacation

Kumaon lies in the foothills of the great Himalayas, a beautiful region of Uttarakhand with unparalleled natural beauty, from mighty mountains, lush green valleys, mesmerizing hill stations, charming villages, National parks, Tiger reserves, and Lakes to world-famous temples like Naina Devi, Kainchi Dham, Kasar Devi, and Aai Kalish.  

If you are planning to visit Kumaon I will make sure that you will not disappointed because it does not matter which kind of traveler you are, Kumaon has something to offer every type of traveler. 

Planning a tour in Kumoan can be challenging, as you need to learn how to plan where to go and how to hire transportation and stays, but with little preparation and this complete guide to the Kumaon tour, you can craft the perfect Kumaon itinerary. 

In this travel guide, we provide everything you need to know to plan your dream vacation in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region.

Transportation in Kumaon

The nearest airport is Pantnagar, which is in the Udham Singh Nagar part of Kumaon. Delhi and other major cities are well connected via train with Kathgodam and Ramnagar railway stations. From Ramnagar and Haldwani there is good connectivity of roads to the hill stations like Almora, Nainital, and others.

But if you are on tour make sure that from Haldwani, Pantnagar, or Ramnagar you need a private taxi for further tour so hire a local Taxi service in Haldwani, Ramnagar, or a taxi service at Pantnagar Airport.

Top Attractions and Destinations in Kumaon

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest National Park in India and this is popular among wildlife lovers and adventure enthusiasts because of the Royal Bengal tiger, open jeep safari, and night stay inside the park. This is the tiger reserve which has the most number of tigers. 


Nainital is the most beautiful hill station of Kumaon and this is famous as the lake city of Uttarakhand,  centered around its emerald-green namesake lake, is known for scenic hikes, boating, and charming colonial architecture. This is also famous for the world-famous Baba Neeb Krori ashram (Kainchi Dham).


Almora is the cultural capital of Uttarakhand known for its beautiful peaks and rich in cultural heritage, ancient temples, and handicraft shopping. This is the hub of the famous Bal Mithai of Kumoun.


A beautiful hill station surrounded by orchards and pine forests, Ranikhet is a quiet and pristine hill retreat ideal for nature walks, golfing, and temple visits. Apart from this Ranikhet has its lake and it gives you the alluring views of Himalayan peaks. Ranikhet is the headquarters of the Kumaon regiment (the first Paramveer Chakra Mj. Somnath Sharma).


Pithoragarh is known as the gateway of Kumaon Himalaya, Mini Kashmir of India, and one of the most sacred Kalish Mansarovar Yara. 

Pithoragarh is graced with stunning mountain vistas and is the starting point for treks to Milam, Munsyari, and beyond. The simplicity of the local and natural beauty of Pithoragrh will catch your eyes and heart.


Dharchula is one of the best remote destinations that you should visit, this is at the border of Nepal and Uttrakhand in Pithoragarh district.  

Dharchula serves as the base for the tough yet rewarding trek to Pindari Glacier. This place will give you a different perspective about nature and you will start loving nature. 


Munshyari is the winter wonderland of Kumaon and is known as one of the most beautiful destinations of Kumaon, known for trekking and nature lovers, as per our experience you must visit Munshyari once in a lifetime.


 Offering unmatched 300 km views of the Himalayas, Kausani is known for its stunning sunrises, tea estate visits, and Anashakti Ashram. Th is also known as Mini Switzerland of India. Kausani is also famous for people who want to practice Yoga at Anashakati Yog ashram.


Located at an altitude of  7,500 feet, Mukteshwar delights with endless ridges and valleys, quaint cafes, and adventure activities. This is a famous town famous for Mukteshwar Mahadev.

Recommendations Itinerary

Kumaon First-Timer (7 days): Delhi > Jim Corbett (2 nights) > Nainital (2 nights) > Almora (1-2 nights) > Delhi

Kumaon Highlights (18 days): Delhi > Nainital (2 nights) > Ranikhet (2 nights) > Kausani (2 nights) > Almora (2 nights) > Mukteshwar (2 nights) > Delhi

Ultimate Kumaon Adventure (15+ days): Delhi > Almora (2 nights) > Ranikhet (2 nights) > Kausani (2 nights) > Pithoragarh (3 nights) > Dharchula (3 nights) > Munsyari (3 nights) > Mukteshwar (2 nights) > Delhi.


Kumaon is a stunningly beautiful region in Uttarakhand’s Himalayan foothills. From Jim Corbett National Park to the hill stations of Nainital, Ranikhet, and Kausani, it offers incredible nature, hiking, history, and culture. Travelers can get a flight to Pantnagar Airport or take trains/buses to major towns like Kathgodam and Haldwani.

 Renting a private taxi allows flexibility for visiting top sights like Almora, Mukteshwar, and Pithoragarh, and remote trekking basecamps like Dharchula and Munsyari. First-timers could see Corbett and Nainital in 5-7 days while 10-14 days allows time for highlights like Ranikhet and Kausani. Ultimate 15+ day adventures can incorporate little-visited places like Milam Glacier. With mindful planning, travelers of all interests can have an unforgettable Kumaon experience.

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